27 February 2011

Change just one letter

Following from Archbishop Cranmer in "Ireland's New Puppet Government Emerges".
Politicians seem to win elections by promising heaven on earth, and when, a decade later, the electorate realises that they are still in purgatory, another swathe of disaffected voters views the democratic process with cynicism and disdain, declaring a plague on all their houses. This leads to voter apathy and alienation, a deterioration in democratic participation and a declining turnout in elections, especially among the young.

If our democratic leaders do not wake up soon to the inevitable consequences of this, then Tripoli and Cairo will come to Dublin, Lisbon and London, just as it has already come to Athens. You can’t buck the people.
To the contrary: you can buck some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, and most of them come back for more. Maybe the Irish should build a colossus astride the Liffey to match the one I propose for the Thames, symbolizing the Greatness of Modern Britain: a fat, balding man with his back to the North Sea, bent over with trousers around his ankles to reveal vestigial testicles and the bold caption:

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