6 February 2011

Alain de Bottom

Read "A Point of View: In defence of the nanny state" and weep. It kicks off with the straw man to beat them all:
A key assumption of modern politics is that we should be left alone to live as we like without being nagged, without fear of moral judgment. Freedom has become our supreme political virtue. It is not thought to be the government's task to promote a vision of how we should act towards one another or to send us to hear lectures about parenting, chivalry or politeness. Modern politics, on both left and right, is dominated by what we can call a libertarian ideology.
Hello? What society is this turkey living in? Then we have an exegesis about Judaism, a moan about advertising and other non sequiturs. What a pile of crap.

Yeah, well I guess that's what you can expect from what the BBC construes to be a philosopher.


  1. I tried reading the link but after scratching my head for the first paragraphs I read on and suddenly fell asleep for several hours. I'm now behind on my work. Must remember this guy for future insomnia cure.

  2. He's so far up his own arse that he's coming out of his own mouth.