2 February 2011

Even soothscribes sometimes stumble

Oh dear - Spiked's Brendan O'Neill uncritically cites one of those Americans who thinks that everything in the world is either the result of or in reaction against US policy:
The immediate precursor to the Brotherhood, in the early 1920s, was an Islamist-leaning organisation called the Society of Propaganda and Guidance, which was tacitly supported by the then British colonialists in Egypt (Britain maintained a military presence in Egypt until 1936). They considered the Society to be a useful counterweight to anti-colonialist groups keen to expel British forces. The Society’s journal, The Lighthouse, met with British approval with its articles denouncing Egyptian nationalists as 'atheists and infidels'.
Until 1936? WTF does he think defeated the Italian invasion in 1940 - the Egyptian army? There are more howlers, but that one takes the biscuit.

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