20 February 2011

Cameron screws the pooch again - twice

So, as predicted the Boy Wonder's sad spin machine is following up the Commons vote that rejected the ECHR ruling on votes for scum-bags by sawing away the planks sagging under the weight of Fatty Clarke.

But soft - what's this? Cameron is appointing a head of strategy and a deputy to beef up his policy unit. That's right, after nearly a year in government he has discovered that nobody is buying his "message". So, like The One in the States, rather than ditch the message he has decided the problem is that people don't understand his vision.

So the first thing to do is to get his cabinet colleagues "on message" - that message being how wondrous the Heir of Blair really is. So . . . who can be depended on to do that? Why the Boy Wonder's Svengali, Michael Howard! The most loathed minister in the hapless Major's government, widely known as "Dracula" (Batman to Cameron's Robin?) - what could go wrong?

I had few expectations of the Boy Wonder, but I did expect him to know something about politics. Instead he has squandered his first year in office, failing to disarm even the most obvious booby-traps laid for him by the Labour pukes. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression - he's blown it, and beefing up his "strategy unit" can't recover lost momentum.

But above all he will not see that as far as the British people are concerned, one Blair was enough; and that Howard is a political liability whose appearances on TV as a minister and a leader of the opposition invariably boosted Labour's popularity.

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