3 February 2011

EU - not content with unaccountability . . .

. . . is now determined to close the few chinks of light that penetrate the murk of its parasitic existence.

EUobserver reports that 180 human rights organisations, transparency pressure groups and journalist unions has called on the European parliament to reject proposed legislation that would tightly restrict the EU’s freedom-of-information rules, just seven years after their introduction.

The MEPs will certainly approve the legislation - the last thing they want is for their countrymen to know exactly how much they pay themselves to rubber stamp whatever the EU Commission proposes.

It's not as though the EU is in any way inhibited by its own rules on transparency. In a speech to the German Bundestag yesterday, former Bavarian Minister-President Edmund Stoiber said: "The big problem I see is in the lack of transparency of European decisions. There is no European openness". 

Meanwhile, La Repubblica reports Italian outrage that the EU Foreign Minister, Psycho Cyclops appointee Catherine Ashton, has refused to identify Christians as the victims of recent sectarian attacks in Egypt and Iraq in a communiqué defending religious tolerance. The Telegraph comments further on the uselessness of the ugly cow.


  1. Cannot even "finesse"? Indeed, she trumped her own ace. I am a little disturbed at your insult to cows in comparing them to Barrenness Ashheap.
    However, her political attitude might well be
    likened to a form of 'Mad Cow' disease.

  2. Indeed. Cows are useful - and better-looking.