12 February 2011

Mental amoebiasis

I thought I might be safe from agitprop last night when watching a programme about Reggae on Bitchy Boys 4 - but no. 

Some semi-white loser apparently once associated with the fusion of Reggae and Punk (I think - was getting comatose from boredom by then) had the following to say about the social significance of his brief moment of emergence from the obscurity for which nature and nurture intended him:

Thatcher was shutting down all the industries because they weren't making a profit. They weren't paying money to her gang.

Hello? Anybody home? If they weren't making a profit, how could they pay money to any gang? They could only be taking money from the rest of society, including thick as pig-shit musicians scratching a living from a fad that rewarded an aggressive lack of talent.

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