3 February 2011

Fatty Clarke to go?

"Ken Must Go" says the Sun. "He is a bumbling liability who seems keener to rock the boat than safeguard the streets. He is out of tune with the public and out of step with his own party".

The Mail was less strident but the sidebar to the main story about shysters is equally deadly about Clarke:
One Government source described the stance of Mr Clarke, Attorney General Dominic Grieve and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on the issue as ‘limper than an elderly lettuce’. David Cameron will next week allow Tory MPs a free vote – ensuring Parliament will resoundingly reject the idea of giving votes to prisoners. That will pave the way for a defining showdown between Britain and the European Court of Human Rights. But yesterday Mr Clarke warned MPs against voting down a change in the law, insisting ministers must abide by the verdict from Strasbourg.
"MPs must assert British democracy on prisoner votes", says the Express.

"What happens if we defy Europe? Nothing", says the Telegraph.

"Get rid of the lazy bastard", say I.


  1. I totally agree. The man does Britons absolutely no favours. It's quite obvious where his loyalties lie.

  2. British American voter3 February 2011 at 16:11

    The lardy Clarke is just a failed barrister of a certain age whose appeal to the Tory faithful has ever been non-existent. Apparently he is just a pushy GSB from Nottingham, wherever that is ! FUCK OFF CLARKEY...