18 February 2011

Brown-noser of the week: Peter Oborne

"David Cameron was a Great Cricketer" he says, because he used to play with him (sic).
The financial crash of 2008 has drawn attention in the most graphic way possible to the failure of free-market capitalism. The Big Society offers a way out of this morass. Here again, the critics – who insist that the concept has not taken off – are ignorant and wrong.

I do not deny that there are problems with the Big Society. They concern implementation, explanation, and very worrying structural flaws. But the ambition is magnificent. David Cameron has set out to restore pride, duty, reciprocity, independence and civic obligation to Britain – and he has embarked on this mission with exemplary vigour and enthusiasm.
Dear God. Has he no pride? Doubtless he will soon receive a knighthood for services (sic) to journalism. Which one do you think it will be: the Knight Commander of the Itinerant Shameless Sycophants And Supine Servility, or the more usual KCOC-S?

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