27 February 2011

A boomerang for the multiculties

Oh, this is too good. The Searchlight Education Trust commissioned pollsters Populus to check out popular opinion about immigration and got it up the butt without KY gel. Populus found that 63 percent of white Britons, 43 percent of British Asians and 17 percent of black Britons believe immigration has been a bad thing for Britain.

But the one that must really make multiculty rings sting is that no less than 38 percent of British Asians, more than the 34 percent of white Britons and 21 percent of black Britons, think all immigration should be halted until the economy is back on track. Just over half of the sample agreed with the statement "Muslims create problems in the UK" and just under half would consider supporting a far-right party if it did not promote "facist imagery" or violence.

The Searchlight weenies said the report "paints a disturbing picture of our attitudes towards each other and the unknown". In the foreword to the report, the aptly named Jon Cruddas, one of the Labour pukes who flooded the country with unvetted immigrants to provide clients for their party, multiplied by race-based fraud and corruption, had the almighty gall to write the following: 
Put simply, unless political parties step up and provide a new language of material well-being, of identity and belonging, then these political forces might refract into more malign forms.
Refract, eh? Refraction is the change in direction of an optical or acoustic wave due to a change in speed, typically when entering water. What an unwittingly accurate word to use when writing about opening the floodgates to indiscriminate immigration, overflowing the cup of British tolerance; and to the detriment of the majority of ethnic immigrants, who come here seeking a better life, leaving behind the crime, ignorance and superstition that have made shit-holes of their countries of origin.

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  1. It is amazing how people who have so little feeling for their fellow citizens can have such infinitely expandable hearts for all those economic refugees from afar whom they are entirely willing to pay for out of the largesse of a bankrupt Britain. What can this generosity signify other than a willingness to play/pay with others' money in the same way that bank bonuses do?