24 February 2011

Churnalism Detector

This is cute. Put a passage from your least favourite journopuke in the box and trace the plagiarism.

However, I suspect that if you input anything by Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Polly Toynbee and similar pond scum, you'll find that they are simply recycling their own crap, like the Hogs of Westphalia. It's not what is known as churnalism, but I think it qualifies - in fact I think it's even more lazy and dishonest.

I'm sure they each have their own program (something like the Postmodernist Generator) into which they input a certain number of variables and it churns out an article that ticks all the lefty trope boxes: Israel, USA, capitalism, greed, racism, etc.

Easy money - but of course such heroic champions of the downtrodden can't be shameless greedy bastards, can they?

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