22 February 2011

Kapow! NASA breaks ranks with the climate catastrophists

"Satellite launch tomorrow aims to study settled incontrovertible science" reads the ironic headline in Hockey Schtick, with reference to the NASA Glory satellite scheduled for launch tomorrow, whose purpose is to help scientists "understand the dynamics of global warming and identify its causes." Seems the premier agency concerned with cosmology doesn't think it's "settled science" after all. The mission website states: 
The impact of solar variability and aerosols on the Earth's climate is believed to be comparable to the impact posed by greenhouse gases. Still, aerosols remain poorly measured and may represent the largest uncertainty in our understanding of climate changes. The root of the problem is that the Earth's atmosphere and its surface have a complex relationship, which leads to large uncertainties in simulations that scientists use to describe and understand this system. The objective of the Glory mission is to reduce these uncertainties.
All we much-libelled climate catastrophist "deniers" have ever wanted is an end to the politicization of science and an admission that our collective understanding is much, much too limited to justify the trillions of dollars of lost wealth and millions of lives that will be blighted by the unregenerate communist agenda posing as "Green".


  1. There's a bitter irony to the spectacle of scientists condemning the fruits of the Enlightenment.

  2. The USA was the first place to massify tertiary education, and that diluted the quality of the experience. Mediocrities rose to positions of authority and promoted others like them. And since almost all of them collect salaries from their states, they are devoutly statist. And if you're a statist, then politics must predominate over scholarship. Most academics no longer even know what the enlightenment was