20 June 2010

Three kinds of people

As immortally defined in Team America: World Police there are three types of people (Trigun parody here - it's very crude, so don't open unless you have a bawdy sense of humour). To bowdlerise the original, they are doers, submissives, and meddlers.

I suspect that centuries of emigration by the bold and the enterprising may have left Britain overwhelmingly populated by submissives, which might explain why the society is dominated by meddlers and only preserves such liberty as it still enjoys because the meddlers have been relatively ineffectual.

It might also explain why secular British 'progressives' cannot bring themselves to repudiate a religion that contemptuously rejects everything they stand for: Islam is a linguistically complex term that means total submission and obedience, which appeals viscerally to such people.

So, do not attempt to reason with them - kick 'em in the teeth; they secretly like it.

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