16 June 2010

Is the UK a battered wife?

Rather a sad post on ConservativeHome by Dominic Raab, an ex British diplomat and now a Tory MP.
Getting things done will increasingly demand coalitions of the willing, where there is no international consensus. And first on any US list of potential partners will be Britain. America will continue to rely not just on Britain’s shared outlook, but also its deft diplomatic corps [!], an ability to project military force [!!] and a rare ‘can do’ attitude [!!!]. As Condeleezza Rice once said, there is no country America would rather be ‘down a foxhole with’ than Britain. But President Obama’s recent actions and tone prick a British sense that they are taken for granted.
No - Obama and Hillary Clinton's recent actions and tone are telling Britain to piss off, that the USA is sick of being associated with it, and that it is of no importance. That has long been the POV of the State Department, and one should not forget how Hillary's husband, perhaps smarting from being known as 'Billy the Snerge' when he was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, mocked the 'special relationship' when he was in the White House.

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