17 June 2010

NICE for paedophiles

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, the unaccountable quango that rations health care and decides who should live or die in the National Health Service, is to grossly exceed its sordid brief by writing to every primary school, telling it to start sex education when pupils are five.

The letter will tell teachers that children should not be taught to say no to sex – but should learn about the value of ‘mutually rewarding sexual relationships’.

It's a perverts' charter.

1 comment:

  1. It's not just nice for perverts; this also makes it easier to rationalize bullying young people into sexual experimentation or involvement with others who mean them no good.

    This is a general franchise for self-indulgence which will lead to even more peer-pressure on younger kids to go along with giving sexual favours as an obligatory courtesy. It would be interesting to know who exactly voted in this brilliant institutional way of levelling down personal and ethical standards.