22 June 2010

The Budget

Can't improve on the post at Mr Eugenides, reproduced in full with one minor alteration:
This speech is essentially an extended "fuck you" to his predecessors. I've counted at least half a dozen swipes at Labour in the last 15 minutes. Wait: seven, now. It's glorious, but slightly unedifying at the same time. [Lib-Dem Business Secretary ] Vince Cable looks like he's swallowed a shit-flavoured landmine.

The cuts are coming thick and fast - thick and fast enough to gladden the hearts of all bloggertarians, and enrage lefties everywhere. He's barely halfway through and the axe is growing bloodier by the minute. If only this presaged a wholesale assault on the size of the state, rather than applying a tourniquet to the gushing wounds inflicted by the witless fuck-muppets who came before.

I hope there
is a TV in whatever psychiatric ward Gordon Brown currently resides.

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