18 June 2010

No mirror on themselves

The following from Christine Blower (sic), general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, on the subject of the Tories' attempts to reform a school system that is the wonder of the world:
"There is the strong possibility under this system that governing bodies could increasingly contract out the running of schools to private companies in return for management fees. Adopting such a business model will amount to the sweeping dismantling of our education system, turning it over to unaccountable, unelected companies."
As opposed to the unaccountable, unelected (by those those compelled to be serviced (sic) by them) unions? As I've said before, these people are just too stupid to talk to.

1 comment:

  1. In America, some charter schools fail but, on average, more seem to work as well or better than public schools because there's less 'working to order' as it was put in the Old Labour days or, similarly, as in the ideal Soviet Societies where the inspiring motto of the day was 'They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.'

    And then, charter schools tend to hire people who want to teach something and think that they can. Whereas.....

    But then, charter schools are more 'client centred' than 'child centred.'Go figure.