21 June 2010

The legacy of 13 years of 'progressive' government

The Department for Work & Pensions reports that 1.4 million people in the UK have been on an out-of-work benefit for nine or more of the last 10 years; that social mobility in Britain is worse than in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Finland and Denmark; and that a higher proportion of children grow up in workless households in the UK than in any other EU country.

Then there's 35 percent functional illiteracy, the worst record in the EU for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses, and a fiscal deficit as a proportion of GDP second only to long-stagnant Japan.

And 8,609,527 people voted for more of the same.


  1. A long-term 'out of work' benefit sounds very much like habitual drunkenness. Maybe we ought to encourage economic 'asylum seekers' FROM the UK to other parts of Euroslobbia.