25 June 2010

Ikea: the work-out

Spent yesterday morning assembling an Ikea sideboard/TV stand, with much kneeling, stretching and crawling. I had to do it twice, because two pages of the assembly instructions were blank and so, as I was assembling the drawers, I discovered that I had used the wrong-sized tightening lugs when assembling the base. So I had to take it apart and start all over again.

Still, it's a nice bit of kit and a great improvement on what I had before. BUT . . .

Today I have been making the acquaintance of all sorts of disgruntled muscle groups. I could have expected the lower back, shoulders and hands/wrists, but the real killers are my belly, butt and - inner thighs! How the hell did those groups, especially the last, get worked so hard that they have decided to lock up and see how I like it?

Guess I'd better join my local gym.

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