22 June 2010

'Quality' newspapers in sharp decline

According to figures released today by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (see Press Gazette report), the self-styled quality newspapers continue their precipitous decline in readership.

I am particularly pleased to see the Telegraph titles taking such a bath: serves them right for abandoning their traditional readers in pursuit of the chimerical 'progressive' majority that's supposed to be out there. Cameroons take note.

Meanwhile, across the channel Le Monde, arguably the most self-regarding  newspaper of all time, is deep in the doo-doo. See analysis here.

Must share the convulsingly earnest last paragraph with you:
Le Monde remains a great news organization, both in print and online. It might become irrelevant within a few short years if its new owners want to use it for their interests or goals. Otherwise, if proper steps are taken, it has the potential to be an editorial powerhouse comparable to the Guardian or The New York Times. This is what is at stake today.
Don't know about the NYT, which is about the last US newspaper to even attempt to report on the wider world, but the Guardian sells a pitiful 300,472, down 10.5% on last year.

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