17 June 2010

Officious busybody of the - er - week

Following from an article in the New York Times:
“I think it is kids’ preference to pair up and have that one best friend. As adults - teachers and counselors - we try to encourage them not to do that,” said Christine Laycob, director of counseling at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School in St. Louis, Missouri. “We try to talk to kids and work with them to get them to have big groups of friends and not be so possessive about friends.”

“Parents sometimes say Johnny needs that one special friend,” she continued. “We say he doesn’t need a best friend.”
Who gives a shit what you say, you presumptuous cow? Is there no aspect of human nature that these 'progressives' do not feel empowered to meddle with?

Hat-tip to Kinsla

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