17 June 2010

Thatcher and the global warming scam

A posting on Watts Up With That by Lord Monckton, Margaret Thatcher's scientific adviser, corrects my earlier post about her rolling the first pebble of what has become the global warming landslide. First, however, an passage that brilliantly reminds us how times have changed:
On my first day in the job, I tottered into Downing Street dragging with me one of the world’s first portable computers, the 18-lb Osborne 1, with a 5" screen, floppy disks that were still truly floppy, and a Z80 8-bit chip which I had learned to program in machine language as well as BASIC. This was the first computer they had ever seen in Downing Street. The head of security, a bluff military veteran, was deeply suspicious. 'What do you want a computer for?' he asked. 'Computing', I replied.
Monckton states that although Thatcher did launch the Met's Hadley Centre for the study of climate change, she was unimpressed by the data it produced:
In due course, the scientific results began to arrive. It became as clear to Margaret Thatcher as it has to me that our original concern was no longer necessary. The warming effect of CO2 is simply too small to make much difference and, in any event, it is orders of magnitude cheaper and more cost-effective to adapt to any consequences of “global warming” than to wreck the economies of the West by trying to demonize CO2 and cut our emissions.

Margaret Thatcher was very conscious that the Left tries to taint every aspect of life by attempting to politicize it.

In her thinking, therefore, there is genuine outrage that the coalescence of financial and political vested-interest factions in the scientific and academic community that are driving the climate scare should be striving to bring the age of enlightenment and reason to an end by treating scientific debate as though every question were a political football to be kicked Leftward.

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