22 June 2010

Huhne - winning one for the heteros

Following the news that Tory MP Caroline Nookey's toy-boy was such a crap lover that a previous sexual partner had forsaken heterosexuality to become a lesbian, the cosmic balance has been restored by Chris Huhn, the wild-eyed eek!-o-freak who has been made Secretary for Energy.  

Seems he's been cheating on his wife with Carina Triming, the larger of the two dogs in the picture, taken when she celebrated her civil  partnership with psychotherapist Juli Bennett three years ago.

Go on, my son - it's a daunting task, but someone's got to do it. Shame you can't control your own (carbon) emissions, but we are all ready to follow your firm moral leadership towards a greener tomorrow.

You can always depend on the Mail, authentic voice of British petit bourgeois hypocrisy. Having wallowed in the details, it concludes:
But it is those they have left behind who deserve the most sympathy. And, as they undoubtedly know all too well, in the end, it is the secrecy and the deceit that causes so much pain and is ultimately so hard to forgive.
Thank God we have the Mail to protect us from secrecy and deceit, say I.


  1. Left Who behind ~Where? If Huhne wants to be a lesbian on weekends doesn't that show a certain flexibly modern Tory spirit? Perhaps Juli Bennet doesn't mind. She is, after all, a therapist. We all need therapeutic relationships,don't we? Perhaps Huhne's wife enjoys taking weekends off, or enjoying a 'day away' with friends. I must say that 'Carina'('little dear one')has a rather Alsatian look about her which her name belies.