3 June 2010

More warmist band-waggoning from the Met Office

'NASA analysis showing record global warming undermines the skeptics', says today’s Times.  Wow, really? Desperate for funding NASA, eh? Oooh, look! The 'analysis' is based on a non-peer reviewed paper written by James Hansen, one of the godfathers of the global warming hysteria and President Obama's adviser on the subject. Well, nobody could possibly question the impartiality of the - sound of trumpets - science in this case, could they?

Overlooking the fact that - using the same datapoint - the rate of increase was higher a decade ago, NASA concludes 'that there has been no reduction in the global warming trend of 0.15-0.20 degrees C per decade that began in the late 1970s'. Wow! Two degrees centigrade per century! Unheard of! We're all going to die! Aaargh!

Fresh from its triumph in unnecessarily closing UK airspace on the basis of its demonstrably flawed computer modelling, in its usual pathetic me-tooist style the Met Office weighs in to say that its data showed that 2009 was 'just below the 12-month record achieved in 1998.' This is the same Met Office that, in its desperation to obscure how totally wrong it had been about last winter, stated that the four months to the end of last April, during parts of which the whole of the British Isles was under snow, were the third warmest ever, and that 2009 was 'statistically indistinguishable from every year between 2001–2008.'

On 23 May the same Met Office spokesperson declared in the Sunday Times that the past Jan-April was the seventh, not the third warmest in the past ten years and that 2010 could be the hottest year on record due to the periodic El Niño phenomenon in the Pacific. This was confirmed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, adding 'we have seen rapid warming recently, but it is an example of natural variation that is associated with changes in the Pacific rather than climate change.'

Why does anyone bother reporting what the sold-out losers of the Met Office have to say about global climate when they never, even by accident, gets it right even for the UK?

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