11 July 2010

Nests of Labourite corruption

Tim Byles, the head of the £30 million per anum (sic) Partnership for Schools quango, is to lose his £216,000-a-year job for feeding Education Secretary Michael Gove damagingly incorrect data about the schools building programme, for which Gove (restoring a long-broken tradition) has taken full responsibility and for which he has comprehensively apologized. The leftists, led by the BBC, are making the most of it.

The errors were so gross as to preclude the usual excuse of bureaucratic cock-up. This was the first openly subversive attempt by the quangocracy to sink a minister; expect many more. The new regime committed a desperate, probably irrecoverable error in not abolishing all these corrupt nests of Labourite parasites immediately on taking power.

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