28 July 2010

Afghan war in maps

From the Guardian:

Locations of IED attacks correspond exactly to the following map from The Heritage Foundation:

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  1. Right now it is being more than rumoured that General Kayani of Pakistan is trying to bring off a three/four way deal between Karzai, the Pushtun tribes, Haqqani and the 'Northern Taliban'and essentially Mullah Omar and the Quetta Shura. This would mean peace - of a sort - in Afghanistan and presumably limit the influence of the Indian military and money in Kabul which the Pakistanis are quite worried about.

    The big incentive would be the mining of minerals and servicing of pipelines of natural gas through that troublesome piece of real estate. Such a development would provide endless jobs for Pushtuns, money for development and even, just possibly, more freedom for Afghan women. Whether all this is a concrete possibility or just a sci-fi scenario remains to be seen.