12 July 2010

Read it and weep

In a posting unwisely headed "Ethics", an apparently notorious lefty blogger (never heard of him) called Richard Murphy proposed that the Guardian should close CiF to those who oppose climate catastrophism as stridently as he defends it. Seeking to clarify his position, he added the following comment. Pay particular attention to the deathless illogic of the last two postulates.
I did not suggest the silencing of ideas
I suggested the silencing of thugs and bullies
Something very different indeed
It some
(sic) happens in some sectors they have a rather strong overlap
But if those sectors can learn to live in the mainstream of society, respect others, refrain from abuse and engage in civilised debate that’s fine
Otherwise their attempt to silence discussion should be stopped
Because that is what thugs do
So silencing discussion is thuggery - but not when it is done by the bien pensant "mainstream of society"?


  1. Murphy's face says it all, a blinkered mule reading off the teleprompter from Pravda. 'Freedom is what I say it is.' Down the rabbithole with you, Murphy, enjoy the world (climate) all made new by your overheated lack of imagination.

  2. Yet there are so very many like him. What staggers me is their desperate quest for self-esteem requires them to smash anything that might reflect their true likeness back at them. Perhaps we need a new term to describe them: speculumoclasts.