20 July 2010

I hate lefties

So says stand-up comedian Tom Greeves in Critical Reaction. Hear him, hear him! Key paragraphs:
Nor do I buy the notion that Lefties, however misguided, are nicer people than those on the Right. Cobblers. Lefties are typically mean-spirited, bossy, self-absorbed and indifferent to most people they actually meet. The middle class ones bleat on endlessly about the plight of the worker, or the African, or the female, but would never dream of having a carpenter over for supper. The nominally working class ones are, to the casual observer, workshy oafs who take any opportunity to down tools and go on strike. Both classes of Leftie revel in bullying people, and use the humbug that they are championing the rights of the many or of the underdog as cover for being horrible and getting power for themselves.

Make no mistake, it is sheer misanthropy that motivates most protestors. Theirs is a very clever ruse. They persuade the credulous that they are obeying their social conscience specifically in order to indulge their anti-social – and often violent – tendencies. Thus Marxist thugs terrorise Northern Ireland and the British mainland for decades, animal rights
[sic] activists batter human beings, and students revel in smashing up property because they claim to be “anti-globalisation” – a term which should be dismissed not only as economically illiterate but racist, seeing as global free trade is the only hope for countries mired in poverty.

1 comment:

  1. I completely disagree with the use of the term 'misanthropy,' that is too strong an emotion for the general sort of ideologue which is being described here. At least in America, this sort of person aspires to politically correct emotions without actually feeling anything much.

    I have taught classes full of black Americans with people who were terribly concerned about racism - and kept bringing it up - without ever learning the names of any of their students. On occasion, I supplied the names.

    One of the black student girls once complained, "I thought this course was supposed to be culturally enriching but I don't feel enriched."
    Could it be that she didn't want to feel about how 'deprived' she was all the time?

    Some people need posters and speeches in order to feel anything much. Sad.