28 July 2010

More on Huhne

Christopher Booker takes an axe to the disaster-about-to-happen Energy Minister Huhne and his policies in the Daily Mail. James Delingpole does likewise in the Telegraph. Although Booker rightly describes Huhne as "a 24-carat green ideologue", neither commentator appears to be aware that Huhne is simply parroting the gospel according to Amory Lovins, as highlighted in my post of 25 July.

Huhne is far too intellectually limited to have worked anything out for himself. Like so many British soft lefties, he draws his certainties from having selected a personally congenial explanation-of-everything from the cornucopia on offer from the US academy, and will cling to it with single-minded determination. 

He also probably calculates that he can't lose. If he can implement his policy, he will be hailed as a wonder-worker by his fellow eek!-o-freaks; and if he is sacked, he can pose as a martyr. Either way, his ultimate aim may be to wreck the Tory-LibDem coalition, to emerge as the big fish in the microscopic pond of the LibDem socialist wing.

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