23 July 2010

Darling demands an apology

Alastair Darling, Gordon Brown's Chancellor of the Exchequer, is demanding that his successor George Osborne should apologize for bad-mouthing his (Darling's) optimistic forecasts about the British economy.

If the NuTories had any balls, Osborne would reply that he'd be happy to apologize to Darling, if he in turn would apologize to the country for creating the largest structural deficit in peacetime and for borrowing so much money that the interest is swallowing up all the cuts in government spending before they are even made.

He might also require Darling to apologize for being a loyal member of a government that involved the country in two disastrous wars, surrendered sovereignty to the EU in breach of a manifesto commitment to a referendum, and imposed a mass of suffocating regulations on the private sector while indulging every whim of the parasitic state sector.

But he can't, can he? Because the NuTories and their LibDem ideological soul-mates have no intention of pulling out of the wars, permitting a referendum on membership of the EU, or of confronting the state sector unions.

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