8 July 2010

Climate Research Unit "exoneration"

An inquiry led by Muir Russell, a senior ex-Mandarin, into the leaked emails from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, has produced yet another in a long series of reports affirming that British institutions are run by honest, diligent and upstanding persons. How could it be otherwise? A priori, there cannot be anything fundamentally wrong with a system that produces wonders of creation like Muir Russell.  

So, the sociology of British establishment mutual masturbation being an established scientific fact, commanding a consensus of anyone with any knowledge of its workings, what else did the eminent and utterly wonderful Russell conclude about the leaked emails? Oh, a certain lack of openness (Mandarin for cover-up), but apart from that "their rigour and honesty as scientists are not in doubt".

One wonders why, therefore, the Director of the CRU, Phil Jones, confessed to thinking of suicide when the emails were leaked. 

But the most important thing, the finding Russell was charged with - er - finding, was that there was nothing in the e-mails to undermine Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. Thus the following contribution by the CRU to the IPCC’s 2001 Third Assessment Report is just fine, according to the peerless Russell, even though the CRU emails clearly identified it as a presentational "trick" to "hide the decline".

Why are tree rings so important? Because they are the device used by Michael Mann, the CRU's most important American co-conspirator collaborator, to abolish the Medieval Warm Period, thus creating the ludicrous "Hockey Stick" hyped by Al Gore.

Mann's importance to the CRU web can be seen from the flow-chart of the leaked emails.

Not coincidentally, a separate inquiry at Pennsylvania State University, where Mann has created a significant profit centre, has recently found him to be a scientist of impeccable integrity.

Did anyone really expect a life-long establishment lackey like Russell to upset the multi-billion pound apple-cart of climate catastrophism? There are too many in it, too many policy decisions that would have to be reversed, but above all too many "right thinking" people would have been revealed to be at best dupes, but more likely cynical opportunists riding the climate catastrophist wave in pursuit of power and profit.

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