27 July 2010

Cameron and Turkey

Interesting. In a hard-hitting speech in the Turkish capital Ankara, the usually mellifluous David Cameron has damned French and German opposition to Turkey´s membership of the EU (full story and video here).

Now that is realpolitik at many levels. Turkey is teetering on the brink of abandoning Kemal Ataturk's disestablishment of Islam and the public snubs it has had to endure from the EU have pushed it in that direction, which would have highly undesirable consequences for NATO. The advent of Turkey would also, certainly, slow the Gadarene rush to ever-closer union within the EU. Whether Turkey joins or not, Cameron's words will cement good relations between the UK and Turkey. Oh - and he has neatly skewered German and French diplomatic hypocrisy.

Domestically he has also, of course, outflanked the Labour pukes yet again. 

Didn't think he had it in him.

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