18 July 2010

CRU: successive coats of whitewash didn't work

The US Department of Energy (DoE) is still withholding its annual grant of approx £130,000 to the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia pending its own scientific review of its work.

My italics, but the emphasis comes from the fact that the DoE, one of CRU's principal sources of funding since 1990, had previously stated that the renewal "was placed on hold pending the conclusion of the inquiry into scientific misconduct by Sir Alastair Muir Russell."

In other words, Muir Russell's conclusion that the "rigour and honesty" of the CRU denizens was not in doubt following the massive leak of highly compromising emails last November has failed to convince the DoE.

However, since any genuinely scientific inquiry would have to encompass Pennsylvania State University's whitewash of CRU collaborator Michael "Hockey Stick" Mann, there is no reason to believe the DoE's inquiry will be anything more than a cost-cutting exercise by a department totally committed to to the climate catastrophist scam.

CRU's real offence in the eyes of the DoE is that its carelessness has undermined the scam and as a result, perhaps, it will be judged ineligible to continue to benefit from it. I doubt if the funding will be ended permanently, however, as that would involve the DoE admitting that it (gasp!) has failed to exercise proper oversight of how US tax-payers' money has been spent for the last 20 years.

But the DoE's extremely public snub to the august Muir Russell may force Whitehall to face up to the fact that shoddy inquiries by even its most eminent figures are no longer fit for the purpose of covering up its many and contumacious failures.

Source (behind paywall): The Sunday Times, 18 July 2010


  1. No offense, Hugh, but Mann works at Penn State which is a feeder school for the Federal Government and about one hundred miles west of the U. of Penn which is 'Ivy League,'though often snobbishly described as 'brown bag Ivy League' or 'Jewish Ivy League'. A Penn degree does not have quite the same resonance as a degree from Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

    Both schools are money oriented and the Wharton School runs Penn, so I do not mean to flatter them with faint blame since the U. of Penn would very much like to prostitute their faculty and facilities for millions more of federal dollars and I am sure that, consistent with their previous record, they are working on it as hard as they can.

  2. Thank you - of course, Penn State it is. Correction made.