25 July 2010

Greens attack European Climate Exchange

How perfectly marvellous! Some greeny hackers attacked the European Climate Exchange website and substituted this excellent home page.

By the way, what a stupid name that is. What, are we going to exchange our climate with someone else's? 

As an early environmentalist (born of observing the destruction of coral reefs), my hatred of the climate catastrophist scam was born when I returned to university (in Florida) in the early 90s to get a better grounding in biological and ecological science. What I found was that the green gurus were psychotic misanthropes and that environmentalism had become a well-developed academic scam, with researchers compelled to give their requests for funding an environmental twist.

That was even before Al Gore's climate catastrophist band-wagon really got rolling, with its single-minded demonisation of carbon dioxide and its blatantly totalitarian political agenda, and sucked all the energy out of the broader environmentalist movement.

The left tries to politicise everything, and everything it politises turns to shit.

So, well done the greenies who attacked one of the most egregious manifestation of the scam; but sorry they still don't realize that multinational corporations are simply hitching a ride on the far greater scam being perpetrated by national and international bureaucratic oligarchies.

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