30 September 2010

BT-holes due for reaming

Oh, the ACS:Law story just keeps getting better and better. Hexus Channel reports that BT, the pantomime villains (boo, hiss) of Britain's failure to keep up with world trends in broadband access and speed, have admitted passing unencrypted customer details to the predatory law firm.

This is in flagrant breach of the Data Protection Act and with any luck (the law in Britain being highly fungible according to political criteria) the monopolistic BT-holes are going to get back a taste of the treatment they have dealt out to generations of Britons.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys, you may think. Ah, but it can: 
According to ZDNet, hackers are getting ready to attack more anti-piracy bodies. The Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft has reportedly been hit and users of 4chan and Internet Relay Chat are apparently nominating new victims for DDoS attacks as part of the ‘Operation Payback' campaign. 
I'm going to quit for today. What with the Royal Society recanting from the true Climate Catastrophist faith and now this, I am blinded by tears of joy.


  1. Let's not forget the dramatic parking of a cement mixer in the gates of the Dail... baby steps...

  2. The French do it better - a few years ago their farmers drove into Paris and dumped tons of manure on the steps of their National Assembly.