29 September 2010

Britain does not have a nuclear power option

It's amazing Christopher Booker still has a fine head of hair, as he's been pulling it out by handfuls for many years. Last Saturday, not for the first time, he raged against Chris Huhne, the imbecile LiDem Climate Change Secretary, for the Thanet wind farm boondoggle. As he points out:
In all the publicity given to the opening of "the world's largest wind farm" off the Kent coast last week, by far the most important and shocking aspect of this vast project was completely overlooked. Over the coming years we will be giving the wind farm's Swedish owners a total of £1.2 billion in subsidies. That same sum, invested now in a single nuclear power station, could yield a staggering 13 times more electricity, with much greater reliability.
There's just two teensy problems: the first is that the Coalition government has no way back from its commitment to "green energy". Cameron and his millionaire chum Zac Goldsmith burned the Conservative party's bridges with the 2007 publication of the Quality of Life Policy Groups' Blueprint for a Green Economy.

Furthermore, to back off from it would be a deal-breaker with the LibDem sandalistas, the core constituency that has been putting fingers in its ears for years and going "la, la la - I can't hear you" to any information about the looming catastrophe of energy rationing preceded by vastly increased energy prices as the old coal plants are closed down WITH NO REPLACEMENT.

But the second is that even if they all collectively woke up one day soon and realized what cunts they are, it is far too late to sign up for nuclear power on the massive scale that would be necessary. There is a bottleneck in the production of the massive nuclear core container vessels, and countries run by serious people have booked capacity for many years in advance.

Worth considering that if Britain left the EU and abandoned the "green energy" chimera, there would be a greatly reduced need to cut government spending. But that would require politicians equipped with brains and balls, neither of which are much in evidence in any party - or indeed in British society as a whole.

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