7 May 2011

Male lesbians

Some of the most testosterone-laden, fuck-a-rockpile-in-case-there's-a snake-underneath, hard-core fighting men I've known have been homosexual. "Butch" does not even begin to describe them.

Likewise I've known a number of "Fems", some as exaggerated in their femininity as the big-balls-that-clang brigade are in their masculinity; but in their way even braver, given that it is such as they who are victimised. 

Which is why I resist the vernacular temptation to equate homosexuality with either moral or physical cowardice. I'm bored with their clamour for special privileges, but they are hardly unique in that. Minorities have been - very profitably - playing the victim card for most of my lifetime.

Given that "effeminate" is to some degree contaminated by the historic association with cowardice (ludicrous on its face, given the courage required to bear children - if men had to do it, the species would die out), we need to adopt a new term to describe the sort of bitchy semi-men that give the BBC its distinctive tone.

The recent sexual history of the snerge Chris Huhne, about whom we are soon to learn further details in his ex-wife's memoirs, provides a candidate. Readers may recall that he left his wife for an aide who was herself in civil union with another woman. I have a suspicion that it was her "butch" characteristics that attracted Huhne, which would make him a male lesbian, a glorified dildo.

Seems about right. There's a lot of them around.

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