4 May 2011

Sólo en Inglaterra

Jesus wept. And so should any decent human being to read one more egregious example of the police state created by NuLabour and very carefully NOT dismantled by a coalition containing the supposedly civil libertarian LibDems.

Mrs McIntosh (76) and her 46 year-old daughter were ARRESTED for feeding pigeons in their own back yard. We have empowered the nosy neighbours, the kill-joys, the whiners and the oi no moi roights brigade at the direct expense of common sense, and we are deservedly regarded with contempt by the rest of the world as well as by a large proportion of our own population.

Britishness? The right to make everybody else as miserable as you are. The Big (pile of shit) Society, with history's hand hovering over the lever to flush it away for the betterment of humanity.


  1. A complaint has been made, therefore action must be taken. Almost as if the complaint itself constitutes evidence. Sloppy 'thinking' like this deserves to be punished.
    I wonder.... perhaps I could make mischief for one of my neighbours by alleging he has nuclear materials in his house. And it would even be true! All atoms on Earth contain a nucleus.

  2. And that's a BIG welcome back from me!

  3. PT - LOL: go for it.
    Shaunb - a very big thank you for your moral support