25 May 2011


Those few journopukes not given over to voyeurism and gossip have latched on to the concept of "crony capitalism", blithely ignoring the fact that such is the basis of Corporativism (see here and here), which is the founding and guiding principle of the European Union.

This is not an opinion - it is a stone cold fact, readily ascertainable even on-line.

Likewise the current hoo-ha about the judges creating a ridiculous law of privacy is the inevitable consequence of adopting continental Statute Law, with the consequent (and entirely deliberate) erosion of liberties that were secured by Common Law.

The MSM is in the business of telling people what they want to hear and one must presume they are good at it. It follows that what people want to hear is salacious trivia and ill-informed commentary that does not demand intellectual effort.

Hence my sabbatical. What's the point of having the intelligence, learning and life experience to understand what's going on when people feel safe in their profound ignorance and resent any effort to change what they call their minds?

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