10 May 2011

Boy Wonder growing up fast

An unlikely source, but the Sun has an interview with Cameron that - if he holds to the views expressed - will mark him as the most self-confident PM in recent history.

"I'm not a great believer in endlessly moving people between different jobs", he said. "I like to think I have put in a good team of Conservative and Liberal Democrats and they've a lot of work to do."

He contrasted this with the ceaseless reshuffling under Blair and Brown. "We had 12 Energy Ministers in nine years. And the Tourism Minister changed more often than people got off planes at Heathrow. It was hopeless. I think you've got to try to appoint good people and keep them."

Security of tenure permits ministers to learn how to get their officials to do what they are told - but it also permits rivals to build up their individual standing in the public eye.

That's the reason the insecure toad Brown, in particular, played ministerial musical chairs right up to the moment when the corrupt NuLabour Titanic finally slipped beneath waves polluted with the debris of a destroyed economy and a poisoned culture.

Since the buck stops at Number 10, it takes a very self-confident PM to accept that his ministers will fuck up from time to time as they learn their jobs, and to trust that they will fuck up less as time goes by.

Gah! - don't'cha just hate it when events erode your pristine prejudices?

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