11 May 2011

From their own mouths . . .

The Independent has an A to Z of the Coalition's first year in office that kicks off with two statements it obviously thinks show the Tories in a bad light, but with which any thinking person can only agree:
A is for Arts, which the Liberal Democrats mostly like but the Tories don't, because they see them as being devised by, and for the enjoyment of, a predominantly left-wing, anti-government bunch of agitprop merchants, gays, chatterers and subversives who shouldn't be subsidised by public money. Hence, a big cut in Arts Council – how they hate those two words – funding, and the abolition of the Film Council.
Works for me. Then there's the Bitchy Boys:
B is for BBC, another nest of Communists and self-regarding, lefty tossers, who pay themselves too much from the licence-payers' money, almost five times as much as the Prime Minister in the case of the director-general. Well, they've had a big reminder that they are state broadcasters with a five-year freeze on the licence fee, forcing cuts in salaries and expenses, and programmes too, opening the door for, ahem, Sky (see M).
Sky gives the people what they want, hot and strong; it's called democracy.* Surely a leftist publication can have no trouble with that - can it? Or is it just a drip-pan for the ejaculatii praecox of lowmid lefties smugly trusting in themselves that they are righteous and despising - in particular - the low-brow tastes of the common people?

* Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.
   H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

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