10 May 2011

Exposing ministerial spitefulness is bad

Says the Press Complaints Commission of the Daily Telegraph sting that caused the wanker Business Secretary Vince Cable to be stripped of his authority to oversee Rupert Murdoch's bid for BSkyB and other media takeovers.

In a typically British whinge, the PCC is compelled to admit that Cable's vicious bias against Murdoch was indeed a matter of public interest, but deplores (and intends to prevent in future) the manner in which it was done, echoing Sir Mucho Pomposo (aka Commons Leader Sir George Young) who said undercover methods "undermined democracy".

Journalistic subterfuge may indeed undermine the little moral authority still enjoyed by the mutually masturbating mediocrities who infest the House of Commons but it is they, not the journopukes, who undermine democracy by their chronic cheating and lying and contempt for the wishes of the people who elect them.

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