9 May 2011

Shale gas

I'd pretty much given up blogging about the mass hysteria previously known as anthropogenic global warming (AGW) on the grounds that those who able to think for themselves already know it's bull-shit and the rest are simply frightened lowmids being herded by cynical political and commercial opportunists.

It's a religion, stupid - or a stupid religion, take your pick - that has rushed into the vacuum created when the Moscow Caliphate collapsed and therefore as impervious to reason or factual refutation as any other superstition. It is also the enshrinement of nimbyism and fear of the yellow/brown/black peril as the world's poor claim their piece of the pie and become emancipated from shackling Western aid.

However - Soothscribe Matt Ridley, echoed by Soothscribe Christopher Booker, have lately published articles so persuasive about the abundance and ubiquity of shale gas that I think I will re-engage with the topic, not to comment further on the soaring number of practical and properly scientific refutations of the whole AGW scam, but to clock the slimy wriggling of the EU and British AGW advocates like the snerge Huhne who have gone so far out on a limb that it seems impossible for them to crawl back.

On the other hand, given the functional illiteracy deliberately created by "progressive" education, I don't suppose it will affect what passes for politics in the West in general and Britain in particular. People will continue to vote for what they perceive to be their own interest, and AGW is simply the one of the poison suppositories vaselined with subsidies that a people without virtue will continue to shove up their own arses.  

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