1 April 2010

Vee ask der qvestions!

EUobserver reports that the European Commission has set out its plans for the citizens' initiative, which was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty and obliges the Commission to consider producing a legislative proposal if urged to do so by more than one million signatures put forward by EU citizens.

According to the Commission's proposal, which needs to be approved by the European Parliament and member states, the one million signatures must come from at least a third of member states (nine) and reach a minimum threshold in each country proportionate to the number of seats they are allocated in the European Parliament.

The Commission will have the right to reject requests that are 'devoid of all seriousness' or 'abusive'. Applications can also be rejected on the grounds that they go against 'European values'.

Those values evidently don't include democracy, freedom of speech, or drafting laws and treaties that might limit the power of the Commission to do whatever it wants.

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