4 April 2010

'Progressive' minger of the week

Behold another of the butt-faced 'progressive' women with a vicious grudge against normal human aspiration.

Devil's Kitchen highlights a highly revealing statement by this person, who is president of the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), Britain's largest teachers' union.

Why, asked Michael Gove, the shadow Minister of Education, doesn't NASUWT run schools of its own, to show us all how it's done?

Sly dog. The cow leapt straight into her own pile of ideological crap. The union did not want to run a school, she mooed. Her union did not want to run schools, she said. Schools should be "democratically accountable" and not operated for and by "the pushy and the privileged".

 Let us savour the full richness of that reply. According to the cow, democratic accountability must therefore exclude "the pushy and the privileged", for which read aspirational parents, the talented, the intelligent, and the good-looking.

Everyone, in other words, not as ugly in mind and body as the highly representative president of the NASUWT.

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