29 April 2010


Never was a communications facility better named. It seems to be the preserve of people who have advanced to, but not progressed beyond, the development stage of teenage narcissism. Hence it appears to be dominated by media pukes, politicians and male homosexuals. 

James Delingpole writes about a twitter-storm aroused by his earlier comment that saying homosexuals were not 'normal' could hardly be classified as hate speech.
If you think I feel even slightly embarrassed or ashamed by what I said you are much mistaken. In fact, your shrill, hysterical attempts to use Twitter as your bully pulpit only serves to prove my point and make me despise you more. Not because you are gay, obviously, but because you are such pathetic libtards wallowing in the stew of your own perceived victimhood and perpetuating exactly the kind of politically correct climate which undermines the very cause you are trying to promote.
To wit, tolerance for ethnic 'communities' where hatred of homosexuals is not only preached but practised.
Homosexual men – not all of them, just the victimy libtard ones – are now becoming victims of the climate that they helped create. I’m not saying “serves them right”. I wouldn’t wish on anyone the persecution they’re suffering at the hands of certain other minority groups. My point is simply that playing the oppressed minority card is doing them no good at all. It’s been trumped by that of another minority. These whingers need to grow up, face the facts and understand which are the real battles to be fought and which just a silly, counterproductive distraction.
Indeed. But male homosexuals are very far from being the only group that needs to examine the chasmic fault-lines that have opened in the 'progressive' belief system. They are, however, arguably the group that should least wish to draw attention to the exceptionally privileged status they currently enjoy of being free to stigmatise anybody who offers less than unconditional support while being themselves beyond criticism.


  1. The cowardly surrender of the American Association of Psychologists along with many of the liberal church bodies to the claim that homosexuality is purely the effect of genetic inheritance - despite the fact that the two main authors of studies conducted on this subject in the early nineties repudiated any such results, one of them announcing that "There is no gay gene," - has resulted in a new access of agressive PR by male homosexuals who haunt the websites looking for targets to accuse of 'homophobia.' Why don't they haunt the Muslim websites? Go figure!

  2. 'Paki-bashing' used to be as common as 'queer-bashing'. The common denominator was that they did not fight back, making them the preferred target for gangs of cowardly scum. Maybe the homs should consider forming vigilante groups to win themselves some of the respect that the now more aggressive 'Pakis' enjoy. There is, anyway, a greater affinity than mere shared victimhood between the two groups.