9 April 2010

A message from pulsing planet parliament

Gerald Warner exploded today over the words uttered by Patrick Cormack, a knighted nit-wit who is departing the House of Commons. This is the prick who argued that MPs' salaries should be doubled in the aftermath of the expenses cheating scandal. The italics are mine.
Westminster is a den of blinkered complacency and self-regard. Its club-like, introverted narcissism was well illustrated by the valedictory speech of the second-longest serving MP, Sir Patrick Cormack, who told his fellow parliamentarians: 'I believe that what is so important at the moment is that people outside should begin to regain their confidence in this place. I would say to the fourth estate, which sometimes seems hell-bent on destroying the other three, that the House of Commons is the ultimate defender of all our liberties.'
Words failed me when I first read this. They did not fail Warner, whose furious outburst is well worth a read.

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