30 April 2010


When someone is shit out of luck, the Spanish say he is quemado (burned).

The term springs to mind when considering the case of a car which crashed into a bus shelter yards from where Gordon Brown, fresh from yesterday's 'bigot' incident, was launching a new Labour Party poster in a car park in Hockley, Birmingham.

It gets better: the car was nudged into the bus shelter by a garbage truck, whose occupants were shouting abuse at the poster launch party instead of looking where they were going.
The Prime Minister carried on with his speech at the event, aimed at re-energising his campaign in the final week of the election, as emergency services raced to the scene.
In less 'progressive' times such a malignantly apposite augury would have been taken as indisputable proof of divine disapproval. You have to wonder how the man even dares to get out of bed in the morning.

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