4 April 2010

Another prop of the global warming scam falls away

Remember this fake picture of forlorn polar bears on a vanishing iceberg? Well, with the news that the Arctic ice pack is back to where it was before the panic-mongers were assuring us that it would all disappear before 2013, the only thing that's melting is the global warming scam's last vestige of credibility.

Here is a partial list of the braying assertions that have been shown to be unsubtantiated allegations when not also outright fabrications:
  • the abolition of the medieval warm period in Gore's hockey stick and other pseudo-historic projections
  • ice core samples 'showing' that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide causes temperature increase: it's the other way around
  • Mann's tree ring and lake deposit 'evidence'
  • scientific 'consensus' shown to be a based on intimidation and suppression of contrary evidence
  • Himalayan glaciers to disappear by 2035
  • Amazon forest vanishing because of drought
So, what we are left with as the coldest winter for nearly 50 years draws to a close is what nobody with any knowledge of the subject denies: world climate has been rising since the end of the Little Ice Age in the early 19th century, as have sea levels. It is not within our puny power to affect global climate one way or another.

What we are also left with is that the big lie, repeated often and loudly enough, will unfailingly attract a host of cynical opportunists seeking to profit from it, and collective hysteria will ensue.

And that there are a LOT more horses' arses than there are horses.

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