12 May 2010

Significant paws

I'm off lecturing on a Mediterranean cruise until the end of the month, and happy to be able to let the dust settle before venturing any more opinions on how the cookie is going to crumble.

I'm sad that several commentators I previously admired have succumbed to spiteful vituperation in the wake of the general election. The Tory-LibDem coalition seems to me the best we could hope for from an electorate that remains largely oblivious of the desperate state of the nation's finances.

Strip out all the fraudulent accounting tricks with which Brown tried to conceal the full extent of his sabotage of a once healthy economy, and the situation is much, much worse than anybody appears willing to admit - for the moment.

All those lamenting the 'might have beens' are perversely overlooking what a great deal has been achieved. The NuLabour 'project' has been defeated: the attempt to achieve a one party state through bribery, intimidation and electoral fraud has been rejected by the vast majority of the British people, and the way is now clear to reform the institutions of the state so that the crypto-communists can never again threaten to take it over.

And, praise be, we will no longer have to see or hear the psycho cyclops and the rest of the chippy Scots carpet-baggers who have done so much deliberate damage to England over the past worse than wasted thirteen years.    

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  1. This is certainly the outcome I was hoping for and indeed half-expected from the outset although, like many, I had reckoned on the LibDems winning more seats than they did. Maybe Clegg can protect Cameron from his Right Wingnuts and he can protect Clegg from his Left ones!