4 May 2010


A degree of autoproctology is forgiveable during an election campaign, but it is as well to come up for air from time to time and take a look at the international scene.

Maybe not. Have a look at this map of the homeland claimed by the Kurds.

Some five years ago, discovering that the merchants in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar with whom my lady was haggling were Kurds, I made a reference to 'Kurdistan'. They shuffled their feet and looked over their shoulders before assuring me loudly that there was no such place.

But there is, and it does not require a degree in history to predict the most probable outcome of a people with a strong cultural identity having won a considerable degree of autonomy for themselves in one of the three neighbouring countries across which they are currently distributed.

Happily, unless some future prime minister tries once more to show how Britain can 'punch above its weight', that is one geopolitical shit-storm we should be able to stay out of.


  1. I am sure that the Turks are beginning to feel the same way about the EU! Now that the Greek kleptocracy is fast vanishing into history with a new flood of Greek immigrants expected any day in England and America, the Turks may be able to buy back Hellas with a bit of imaginative financing. Perhaps a Greek consultant or so will help them.